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Educational Robotics (ER)

Description: Educational Robotics (ER) can be used in multiple ways within a hospital school or in home tuition, however, you will need experienced professionals/researchers or practitioners to use it effectively in any context. The results can be exceptional, to the point where ER is used in rehabilitation-specific areas (for example, in visual impairment), both to promote the learning curriculum, but also to expand on it, as it includes other subjects such as logic, mathematics, science and technology etc. This constructive/constructionist methodological approach has allowed the children to learn how to play with- and even design and build their own toys.
Notes: In the Gaslini Children’s Hospital in Genova, Italy, the principles of 'Educational robotics' is used in a hospital context. In this case, a team of teachers and experts from the robotics School of the CNR (Italian National Research Centre) taught students with medical needs how to build small robots.
Key Educational Factors:
  • creating relationship
  • constructing knowledge
  • taking up new roles
  • metacognition
  • respecting individividualities
  • text
  • video
  • software
  • demo
  • device
Educational Settings:
  • hospital school
  • home education
  • mainstream school
Target group:
  • teacher/assistant
  • ICT staff school
  • parent
  • learner nursery sch.
  • learner elem. sch.
  • learner sec. sch.
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