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Key Educational Factors

During the project the LeHo team developed a list of Key factors (KEF)  that mediate and may improve the education of  students with a medical condition

These KEF may be used is several ways: 

At an institutional level, the KEF can inform school and hospital polices to better answer the developmental and educational needs of children. They may also be used as a guide for the planning of school activities and projects and later as indicators for school activity assessment. The KEF can inform scientific research and may be used in research design or as a tool to explain specific research results.

At an individual level a teacher could use these KEF to assess the participation and integration of a student with a medical condition with his/her own school and later to make personalized plans for the student’s involvement in educational activities. At a later stage, the KEF can also be used as a tool to evaluate the individual progress that has occurred at the end of a program. 

You can download the document describing LeHo's Key educational factors for the education of students with medical needs from this page of the toolkit.

 img leho progress report.001