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Board of Experts

Members of the LeHo BoE involves professionals with high level experience from the field of HHE who also represent a liason role among the teachers, medical staff and the decision making and policy level.

The Board of Experts (BoE) of LeHo had its inaugural meeting in Bucharest in November 2014. The meeting was connected to the HOPE Congress that is organised yearly for hospital teachers in Europe.

Members of the BoE: 

  • are experienced in our topic of HHE;
  • have a “middle position” between teachers at schools for children with medical needs and national stakeholders e.g. in governmental institutions or associations;
  • are responsible for local, national or international education policy;
  • have a certain influence in areas which might be impacted by LeHo.

The LeHo BoE is mainly involved in LeHo's work with peer-reviewing Leho deliverables and helping and inspiring the Consortium's work with their knowledge and ideas coming from their professional experience in the field of HHE. Moreover, they represent LeHo in their own professional networks, with this providing higher visibility to the project.  

The members are:

Speranzina Ferraro

Head of School in the Hospital programme at Department for Students, Integration and Participation, Ministry of Education (MIUR), ITALY

Speranzina Ferraro 150

Speranzina Ferraro is school director since 1985. From 1998 she works at the Ministry of Education (MIUR), at the General Directorate for Students, with the responsibility of several educational areas. Her positions currently held at the Ministry of Education are:

- National Coordinator for the National Orientation and Early school.

- Coordinator and scientific direction of the web portal "I scelgoiostudio" dedicated to students of 1st and 2nd grade, on transition from various degree of school and university.

- National Coordinator for the hospital school and home education and main responsible for the Italian Portal for School in the Hospital (PSO).

- Member of the National Scientific Committee for the development of the "National Plan for Scientific Degrees".

Websites: /

MIUR - Direzione Generale per lo studente, l’integrazione, la partecipazione, la comunicazione

Ufficio VI


Heidrun Friebel

Hospital  Teacher at Ruhrlandschule, Essen, GERMANY

Heidrun Friebel 150

I have been a teacher of German and English at different mixed ability Comprehensive Schools for about 20 years. Since February 2010 I have been a teacher at Ruhrland (Hospital) School, Essen/ Northrhine Westphalia, Germany. Here I mainly work with students with physical and mental conditions.

On a structural scale, I get very much involved with school development, school programme work and individual support (implementation of a self-learning centre).



David Bateson OBE

Executive Consultant, Ash Field Academy; Chair, National SEND Forum, UK

 David Bateson 150

David Bateson is the Chairman of Federation of Leaders in Special Education (FLSE).

David has combined headship since 1995 with being a National Leader in Education, a primary Ofsted inspector, an external adviser in secondary schools, a threshold assessor, a consultant leader, a School Improvement Partner, a Professional Partner for new headteachers, a Regional Leader for the National College, an NPQH Graduation Board member, an Investor In People assessor, and a Trustee of eight education charities, including a National Teaching School, academy trusts and the East Midlands Leadership Centre which holds the national contracts for assessing all National College Middle, Senior and Headship qualifications.

He has worked on a number of bodies, including DfE and Cabinet Office working parties; and NAHT and local secondary, cross-phase and special headteacher groups. His main interest outside education, other than his family, is song writing. In 2014 David was awarded the OBE in 2011 for services to Special Educational Needs, he has chaired.

He is a Local and National Leader of Education and has served his term as the national chair of the Federation of Leaders in Special Education. He currently chairs the National SEND Forum.



Jan Dekelver

Inclusion Research Coordinator at Thomas Moore University College, BELGIUM

Jan Dekelver 150

I am coordinator of a research group with a focus on inclusion at Thomas More University college in Belgium. Our group has been involved in research at regional, European and international level. We work hard to build bridges between higher education and evidence based research. One of our research areas is the use of ICT for people with intellectual disabilities.



Rosa Fort

Teacher at Vall Hebron Hospital, CATALUNIA / SPAIN

Rosa Fort Aran 150

Rosa Fort works, since 2004, as teacher at the Hospital School of the “Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron” of Barcelona, one of the main hospitals of reference in Catalonia and Spain. Rosa Fort has developed her career as primary and high school teacher since 1977, gathering extensive experience in all primary and secondary educational levels as well as in management and coordination responsibilities.



Richard Winder

Northern Health School Auckland Principal / HELP Fundation, NEW ZEALAND

Richard Winder Principal 150.jpg

Currently the Principal of the Northern Health School, I come from a primary teaching background having taught in a wide range of New Zealand schools.  My passion and my skills relate to leading, teaching and individualisation of learning.  I am a member of HOPE in Europe and of HELP in the south Pacific.




Kerry Watkins

Northern Health School Deputy Principal, NEW ZEALAND

Kerry Watkins 150

Kerry Watkins is Deputy Principal of the Northern Health School, New Zealand. Kerry has taught students of the Northern Health School since the school was established in 2000. Prior to this she taught students in regular New Zealand schools, in a New Zealand Health camp, and in a Hospital School. As Deputy Principal, a major part of her role is organising appropriate Professional Development for Northern Health School staff.

Kerry completed a Master in Education at The University of Auckland in 2013. Her topic, ‘Exploring e-learning in New Zealand’s Regional Health Schools’, was highly relevant to researching Health School teachers’ attitudes and practice in use of e-learning with unwell students in their homes, hospital, classroom or community situations.


Dorit Maor

Senior Lecturer in Tertiary and Adult Education and e-learning, School of Education, Murdoch University Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

Dorit Maor 150


I joined Murdoch in 2001 and have worked in the area of educational technology, online teaching and learning and tertiary and adult education. Prior to joining Murdoch I was a lecturer at the Science and Mathematics Education Centre (SMEC) at Curtin University where I completed my PhD and Australian Research Council Post Doctoral Fellowship in Science Education and technology. I was I involved in educational technology over the last twenty years. My research and teaching focus is on integrating technology and pedagogy to enhance learning in higher education or secondary school settings.

My goal as an educator is to integrate technology, pedagogy and content knowledge (TPACK) to maximise learning. I have developed innovative pedagogies using new technologies to encourage students to become active and reflective learners and to create knowledge collaboratively.



Maria Del Carme Sastre Arnau

Teacher at Vall Hebron Hospital, CATALUNIA / SPAIN

 Maria Del Carme Sastre Arnau 150


Maria del Carme Sastre Arnau works, since the school year 2007-2008, as teacher at the Hospital School of the “Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron” of Barcelona. Her experience as primary education teacher goes back to the year 1978. Throughout her career she has also held management and coordination responsibilities.



The BoE is chaired by:

  • Daxa Patel - Indipendent e-Learning expert and chair of the National Health System at Leicester, UK.