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LeHo Toolkit

The intention of this toolkit is to make you part of a “mutual learning hub”: a place where users can share ideas and experiences. You can consult the toolkit to find items of an interest to you, but you are warmly invited to bring into the toolkit your own experiences and ideas by contributing with tools that you know or use, but that are not present in the toolkit today.

In that way all users can learn from each other and benefit from evolutions that take place in theory and practice of HHE. Only that way the toolkit can remain up-to-date after the LeHo project has formally ended.



Here you can find a lot of useful 'Instruction cards' to support, improve and innovate your everyday teaching in the hospital or in home tuition.


This includes important results of the activities carried in the project, such as the focus groups done with medics and hospital teacher, the KEF (Key Educational Factors) and the QSE (Quality of Student Experience scale). It also includes the glossary and useful websites.

HHE institutional information

LeHo has conducted an in depth analysis on all the institutional environments of Home and Hospital Education (HHE) in Europe. This includes the state of HHE in terms of regulations, laws, organisation, initiatives and policies, within the LeHo project partnership countries: Germany (North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria regions), UK, Italy, Belgium (Flanders), Spain (Catalonia region), plus a focus on Egypt and additional information from Greece and Poland.