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LeHo is an EU project funded under the Multilateral Networks LLP programme (now Erasmus+). So this means that, being ICT and HHE the main topics of our work, the built of an international extended network is one of the main goals of the project.

We received funding to operate, so far, in a rather small number of countries: Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK, Egypt and Spain. This is because the partnership that applied for the orginal proposal to the EU is done by the main partners whose logos and locations you may find hereunder.

This multi-stakeholder network comprises HE and SE representatives, including a wide European network (EDEN) of 200 members and a HHE specific network (HOPE, repsented by Statliche Skule fur Kranken in Muenken) of 300 members.

This core partnership is reinforced by an extended network that includes hospital schools, regional/national Ministry of Education departments and other government bodies.

If you want to join, check this 'network' page here and then contact us.


LeHo is a network, therefore it's made by people before than by insitutions. Here youcan see some of the faces of the researchers, managers, teachers and other professionals involved in the LeHo wide partnership.

LeHo partners in Milan at the KO meeting, Jan 2014