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Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Digital Learning & Collaboration area (coordinator)

logo-fondazione-LeHoFounded in 2003, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is an agile and practical vehicle that opens doors to complex research for business enterprises, develops plans, encourages and supports the development of structures and laboratories, extends excellent competences, stimulates the creation of new technology-oriented companies.

FPM spotlights, promotes and makes the university’s expertise accessible through:
• the development of partnerships between the institution and the economic and social community
• the transfer of innovation from the academic world to businesses and public administration
• partnerships at international level
• support for the creation of new business ventures.


Digital Learning and Collaboration Area

Logo Digital Learning and Collaboration (Fondazione Politecnico)This new strategic area is aimed at creating new links and opportunities for the development of e-learning and e-collaboration programmes.
The ability of this area is to use and integrate different technologies and ICT tools with innovative methodologies to facilitate transfer of knowledge, information sharing, distance e-learning programs and e-collaboration practices.
Its staff has a long experience in national and international projects that allowed acquiring strong competences on innovative learning methodologies. Moreover, the team has acquired strong skills in project management methodologies based on e-collaborative approach, that has shown to improve the level of sharing and accountability among partnership.

On the side of Hospital and Home Education (HHE), FPM and Politecnico di Milano are directly involved in the design and the development of the Italian Portal for the School in The Hospital (PSO), the official website of the Ministry of Education (MIUR, associate partner of LeHo) for all the initiatives in Italy related to the school in the hospital and home tuition. The website ( includes a database designed to collect all the data (financial and operative) for the Ministry, the other one as an open source website that transforms part of this information (for instance the registry data about hospital sections and teachers) to the families of ill kids; it includes online community that allows communication among all hospital teachers, parents and decision makers.

Politecnico di Milano has also managed the HSH (Hospital School Home) teacher training programme at a national basis, providing lecturers and online e-learning modules for teachers in HHE.
It also developed the Scuola in Barca (School in a Boat - project, to allow a ‘bubble boy’, suffering from a serious allergic desease and forced to live on a boat, to follow his studies. Politecnico di Milano took also part to WISE (, that aims at developing a support system for education and special training of homebound people affected by temporary or chronic disabilities.

Download the short presentation (PPT file) from the KO meeting in Milan.

Role in the project

As Matteo Uggeri, the Coordinator of this project, said joking during the LeHo KO off meeting in Milan, FPM is the Almighty coordinator of the network and so does all the management.

FPM/Polimi has several years’ experience in leading EU projects, under the previous eLearning programme and actual LLP. Proactive management techniques combined with rigorous reporting mechanisms and strong relationships with the partners is the way FPM tries to bring LeHo to its final results.

It also supports the other Italian partner (Università degli Studi di Perugia) in the administration of the Italian community of LeHo, that in this specific case is the same one of the above mentioned project Portale Scuola in Ospedale (PSO).