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HOPE - Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe

HOPE is an association of European hospital teachers who work in Hospital and at home with sick children. Through school and education activities, HOPE tries to provide sick children with a positive environment and with the chance to carry on their education, no matter what the illness is.



Role in the project


The international HOPE network, represented in LeHo by SKM partner, will provide a constant point of contact with the most relevant target group, the teachers involved in HHE. It organizes an “HOPE Congress for hospital-teachers and other professionals involved in education and care of children and adolescents with medical needs”, that will host LeHo workshops and presentations, and carries out its’ work through a variety of activities, seminars, workshops and study days that will be the perfect channel to reach the hospital teachers all over the world. HOPE publishes a newsletter that is disseminated throughout Europe three times a year and will include the progress on LeHo activities.


Stai cercando materiali per rinnovare la scuola domiciliare o in ospedale?

Il toolkit del progetto Leho è finalmente pronto ad essere utilizzato. Sono presenti StrumentiRisorse e documenti utili a livello istituzionale elaborati nel campo della Educazione domiciliare ed ospedaliera (HHE) in Europa.

LeHo Toolkit

Insegnare a bambini e ragazzi malati

Educazione domiciliare ed in ospedale:  Guida internazionale alle nuove pratiche

Questo libro serve ad aiutare insegnanti ospedalieri e domiciliari a collegare strumenti, risorse e buone pratiche con gli aspetti teorici elaborati dal progetto LeHo.  Si tratta quindi di uno strumento utile a sostenere ed indirizzare il lavoro quotidiano di insenganti di scuola in ospedale e domiciliare. 

LeHo Practical Guide