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Webchair - a videoconferencing system

Description: „Webchair” is a videoconferencing system which was developed in the Netherlands. It helps students to participate in lessons at their mainstream schools. The system is always available in the classroom whenever a student at home or in hospital wants to take part in lessons, and it also supports teachers at school. Students who are isolated (quarantine) are able to remotely control the camera and can also interact with classmates and teachers. The system consists of cameras, microphones, speakers and screens located both with the absent student (at home or in hospital) and in the classroom. The child can operate the camera in the classroom and can interact with his or her classmates. This system is very suitable for children with medical needs. In particular, in cases of long-term illness, students can stay in contact with his /her school friends.
Notes: The telepresence, available through WebChair allows the student with medical needs to take part in normal classroom sessions and in the school life of the student’s mainstream school. Drawback: some countries (as e.g. Germany) have a data privacy policy and took protection measures. As a consequence thereof, all parents of pupils/students in the class have to agree with the use of such device by filling in a special form to have a camera in classroom. In fact some parents disagree.
Key Educational Factors:
  • creating relationship
  • respecting individividualities
  • video
Educational Settings:
  • hospital school
  • home education
  • mainstream school
Target group:
  • teacher/assistant
  • ICT staff school
  • parent
  • medical staff
  • learner nursery sch.
  • learner elem. sch.
  • learner sec. sch.
  • policy maker
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