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Description: Smartschool is a digital learning platform that is mainly used in Flanders (and currently only available in French and Flemish) in primary and secondary schools. It was developed by Smartbit BVBA, and started in 2003 as an electronic learning environment, but has gradually grown into a larger platform that includes tools for administration, reporting and communication. It is offered as a service and can be accessed via a browser or an app.
Notes: Smartschool aims for an effective exchange of information in educational establishments, both between management and teachers and between students, teachers and parents. Pupils and teachers can use the platform to exchange data for group work, tasks and exercises. Parents can also access Smartschool to share information. Smartschool can be used in different ways depending on the needs of the school. Students with medical needs can find all kind of educational materials from their teachers, they can exchange documents, and participate in a discussion forum. Teachers can use a student tracking system to keep track and monitor the individual learning path of a student with medical needs.
Link to additional info: Smartschool
Key Educational Factors:
  • creating relationship
  • constructing knowledge
  • taking up new roles
  • metacognition
  • respecting individividualities
  • inter-institutional communication
  • software
  • website
Educational Settings:
  • hospital school
  • home education
  • mainstream school
Target group:
  • teacher/assistant
  • learner elem. sch.
  • learner sec. sch.
DOWNLOAD: application/pdf Smartschool.pdf
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