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EU Model

Towards a European Model for Home and Hospital Education

What is presented in this document is not a finished European model of Home and Hospital Education (HHE) for children and youngsters with medical needs, as the HHE situation, as well as education in general, is too complex and diverse across all the European countries.

However, what the LeHo project achieved was to identify important building blocks and a number of relationships between them to create a model, on the basis of which important recommendations can be formulated for policy makers and professionals at various levels.

The aim of this European model is:

  • to give the policy makers of every level, from school and hospital directors to regional and national policy makers, a wide overview on the complex and evolving world of HHE
  • to define a model aimed to disseminate the best practices in HHE.
  • to help them to integrate in their policies and decisions the use of ICT to support the HHE.

The EU model summarizes several materials, like the toolkit, the practical guide, webinars, KEF, focus groups, field work analysis.

It's available in English, German, Italian, Flemish, French, Spanish, Catalan and Arabic and  on this LeHo website.


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