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Vienna Training Action

Vienna_TAs.jpgVienna Training Action attendees

The LeHo training actions took place in Vienna on May 10th, 2016.

The event was  attended by members of HOPE , as part of the 10th International HOPE Congress.

The LeHo team (more specifically the Children's Hospital School of Leicester trainers) ran the training event for anyone who was interested in learning about possible ICT solutions to help them teach children with a medical condition.

The four ICT's discussed and introduced during this training action were:

  • There's a panda in my chair
  • e-Twinning
  • Educational film making
  • Distance education

Full details of all of these ICTs and many more, are available to anyone to use and are free to download from the LeHo Toolkit

The attendees were handed information about the ICTs, and following a slide presentation (also available to download) by the Children's Hospital School, they were asked to split into four groups (one for each ICT) to discus how they might implement this particular tool in their schools, what issues they might encounter and what benefits they could see through using it.  The groups were then asked to present their views to the rest of the attendees.  Below are some images of the two of the groups and the types of ideas they had about the ICT they discussed.


Photo of the Panda Training Actions outcomes on a whiteboard   whiteboard image of etwinning trainng action


As can be seen from the images above, many felt that resources would be an issue, in terms of time and money, that might limit their ability to implement some of these ICT solutions.

The results and outcomes were varied, with some institutions feeling that it would be to difficult to implement changes due to the restrictions placed on them to deliver the planned lessons, while others were very excited about the idea of being able to go back to their schools with new ideas about how to reach some of their pupils who were off school regularly due to ongoing medical issues.


All the images and also some video clips of the Training Actions taking place can be viewed here.