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HHE: a guide to international innovative practice

Description: "Teaching children with medical needs: HHE: a guide to international innovative practice" is one of the most importing and very final documents designed and published by the LeHo project. The Guide can be beneficial for: • Teachers who have no, or only limited, experience with children and students with medical needs; • Teachers who already have experience of teaching this group of learners. The Guide can be used as a reflection and study book for personal use, but we suggest that it is best used with groups of teachers (e.g., colleagues within the same school, but also groups of teachers from different educational settings) to work through together.
Notes: This HHE Guide can be used alongside other LeHo products, especially the LeHo Toolkit and the other materials that are referred to in this Guide. There is some duplication of the information contained in these materials but this Guide also provides teachers with pathways that lead to quality education for pupils and students with medical needs. The Guide is available in ENGLISH, ITALIAN and SPANISH.
Key Educational Factors:
  • creating relationship
  • constructing knowledge
  • taking up new roles
  • metacognition
  • respecting individividualities
  • inter-institutional communication
  • text
  • internet
Educational Settings:
  • hospital school
  • home education
  • mainstream school
Target group:
  • teacher/assistant
  • ICT staff school
  • parent
  • medical staff
  • learner nursery sch.
  • learner elem. sch.
  • learner sec. sch.
  • policy maker
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