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Focus groups

Two rounds of Focus groups were held in each participating country, to clearly identify the main activities carried out by teachers and the medical staff involved in HHE (but also involving the parents and volunteers). This provided a strong and solid basis for the LeHo project to identify the potential of technologies to solve any problems encountered by children who were too ill to attend their mainstream schools on a full-time basis. The aims of the focus groups were:

  • Identification of student needs not only in terms of education but also from a psycho-social and medical point of view;
  • Organizational aspects;
  • How to modify the curriculum to fit with the specific educational situation with students with medical needs;
  • Defining the HHE teacher profile and competencies and how the role of the teacher changes in HHE.
  • Outline common problems emerging with the use of ICT in HHE.

The outcomes from the Focus Groups are available on the final report;

An Infographic has been made to present the main Focus Groups results;