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We have created this system that will allow you to submit your expression of interest to integrate into the network. We are here to provide effective tools and relevant resources for Home and Hospital education practitioners, stakeholders and interested parties.

Terms and Conditions

We appreciate your interest and time spent in completing the online form. These following questions will help us to achieve two main objectives: 1) Understand your interest in joining the Leho Network 2) Evaluate the profile of your organisation and its potential as network member. This information will allow us to make a preliminary assessment of the alignment of your interests with the mission of the LeHo Network. For this reason we ask that you read and answer them carefully.

Remember, this information is the first impression we have about your organisation.
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Institutional partners are those with an important impact in terms of policy development and operational implementation and include among others, health and education departments, regional governments, European institutions or other governmental institutions.

Partners and volunteer involvment (chek one or more, if any)

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Under these category there will be integrated those agents whose voluntary contribution will be fundamental for the sustainability of the project platform at the end of the project. These will include the actual project partners, external volunteers interested in the development of the project, members of the board of experts, external NGO’s or professionals of the medical and educational sectors

Private involvment (check one or more, if any)

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Under this category will be included those agents that can trigger an important effect on the research environment and market development, among them ICT companies, technical solutions providers, private companies, etc.

Through the following questions below, the management team of the LeHo Network will have the opportunity to know the details of your interest in joining the community, and evaluate alignment with the criteria of our mission.
After the acceptance of your Expression of Interest, your institution will appear on the LeHo website as a collaborator. Your designated contact person will receive invitations to events and will be informed about the latest developments. Your institution will be invited to interact with our team in various potential activities, such as adding entries to the Toolkit and co-organise workshops and conferences.
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