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Need resources to innovate your hospital teaching?

Finally the long-awaited LeHo HHE toolkit is ready! You can find Tools, Resources and institutional information on the Home and Hospital Education all over Europe and more.

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Teaching children with medical needs

HHE: a guide to international innovative practice

This a book will help the HHE teachers to match the potentials of the tools, resources and practices available in the LeHo Toolkit with the key theories and related good practices. It will be a support for the following ordinary activities and aspects of the HHE teachers. The guide is in progress and it will be available in September 2016.

Recomendations to Policy Makers

The EU Model

The aim of the European model is:

  • to give the policy makers of every level, from school and hospital directors to regional and national policy makers, a wide overview on the complex and evolving world of HHE
  • to define a model aimed to disseminate the best practices in HHE.
  • to help them to integrate in their policies and decisions the use of ICT to support the HHE.

The EU model will summarize several materials, like the toolkit, the practical guide, webinars, KEF, focus groups, field work analysis. it will be soon available (September 2016) on this LeHo website.

Key Educational Factors

Key educational factors for education of children with medical needs

A review of the literature on key factors in education and in educational psychology was conducted and its Kkey Educational Ffactor (KEF) were outlined and organised into a limited number of categories. Subsequently, these factors were compared with existing literature on the education of children with a medical condition. The KEF were presented and discussed at the Hospital Organisation of Pedagogies in Europe conference in Bucarest in 2014.

See also: Infographics and short presentation


Join the LeHo webinars (online seninars) to learn about innovative tools and relevant resources for home and hospital education practitioners, stakeholders and interested parties.

12 webinars (6 national and 6 international) will take place between May – November 2016 and will be held in English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

To know about the dates and other details please check here.


Quality of student experience scale

The Quality of Student Experience Scale is based upon previous instruments and has three main dimensions:

1. Maintaining: refers to how the Home and Hospital Education (HHE) helps students maintain pre-illness skills/activities.

2. Improving: refers to how HHE helps students improve and grow in their learning, despite their medical conditions.

3. Overall: refers to the overall perception of the student of his/her school experience