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Join the LeHo webinars (online seninars) to learn about innovative tools and relevant resources for home and hospital education practitioners, stakeholders and interested parties.

12 webinars (6 national and 6 international) will take place between May – November 2016 and will be held in English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

To know about the dates and other details please check here.


HHE Glossary

Home and Hospital Education Glossary

Due to the fact that the terms related to home and hospital education vary a great deal in different contexts and countries, and that even in English there are different names to refer to similar practices (home tuition, domiciliary learning…) a common glossary is needed to ensure effective communication of the HHE themes.
Therefore the LeHo network developed a full glossary which is available in draft format. It is still under review by the LeHo Board of Experts.

See also: Glossary full document (PDF)


Vienna Training Action

The Training Action in Vienna alongside the HOPE Congress in May 2016 is just over.

Soon we'll publish the results and a full report for the pariticipants and also for those who didn't have the opportunity to attend it. Click here.

Stay tuned!

Institutional Environment

The institutional environments of Home and Hospital Education (HHE) in Europe

Analysis conducted on the state of HHE in terms of regulations, laws, organisation, initiatives and policies, within the LeHo project partnership countries: Germany (North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria regions), UK, Italy, Belgium (Flanders), Spain (Catalonia region), plus a focus on Egypt and additional information from Greece and Poland.

Key Educational Factors

Key educational factors for education of children with medical needs

A review of the literature on key factors in education and in educational psychology was conducted and its Kkey Educational Ffactor (KEF) were outlined and organised into a limited number of categories. Subsequently, these factors were compared with existing literature on the education of children with a medical condition. The KEF were presented and discussed at the Hospital Organisation of Pedagogies in Europe conference in Bucarest in 2014.

See also: Infographics and short presentation

Focus Groups Results

Focus Groups on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the education of children with medical needs

To collect and organise the plethora of ICT solutions currently used, and assess potential problems in their use, in 2014 and 2015 the LeHo project team ran two sets of Focus Groups on the key educational aspects involved in Home and Hospital Education (HHE) to assess and discuss ICT-related solutions for the education of children with a medical condition.
Here is the full scientific report of the two Focus Groups held within the LeHo project in 2014 and 2015.
See also: Infographics


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